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Nova Scotia. Built to build.

Nova Scotia’s response to the
Government of Canada’s National
Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.


In 2010, the Government of Canada introduced a groundbreaking program that could have a profound impact on Nova Scotia.

The National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS) meant that Halifax could be chosen as one of two major providers of shipbuilding to the Canadian Government.

With that in mind, business, community, and government leaders in the province created This site is meant as a repository of information relating to NSPS and what it means for Nova Scotia. But more than that, we hope it will serve as a tribute to our province’s legacy of shipbuilding excellence and continued mastery of the craft. Nova Scotia is built to build ships, and shipbuilding is in our blood.

Why we’re built to build

Canadian Excellence

We’ve made aggressive past and future investments in our facilities: Since 2006 alone, our shipyard has invested over $90 million in people, infrastructure and technology, to consistently deliver the best value and provide world-class ships to make Canada proud. Read more about our investments in expertise and what is happening currently at the shipyard.

Unmatched Expertise

The yard currently has 1,300 engaged, experience and dedicated employees. Our team has 77 Advanced Degrees and Professional Designations and more than 400 employees experienced in naval ship construction. Read about the workforce and infrastructure we have in place right now.

Next Generation Shipbuilders

Over 250 apprentices working in the trades at the shipyard preparing for high-value jobs. Currently offering diverse co-op and apprenticeship opportunities in engineering, planning, scheduling and accounting. Read about the next 30 years of shipbuilding and shipbuilders.

Canada’s Federal
Fleet Builder

We built the very first all-Canadian destroyers and 12 coastal defence vessels for the Navy. Our employees are responsible for building 80% of Canada’s surface combat fleet, and recently competed for and were selected to refit and upgrade the Navy’s frigates, and to build nine new Mid-Shore Patrol Vessels for the Canadian Coast Guard. Read about the impact shipbuilding in Nova Scotia has on the region and country.

A Legacy of Shipbuilding

Our shipyard has been producing ships since 1889. We’ve been a major repair yard for over a century, and we’ve built more than 40 tugs and offshore supply vessels for clients at home and around the world. Read more about our shipbuilding history here.

To show your support for Nova Scotia’s response to NSPS, start here. For more information, visit the Media Centre, Our Momentum or The Next 30.