Ships Start Here

Nova Scotia. Built to build.

Nova Scotia’s response to the
Government of Canada’s National
Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many ships has Irving Shipbuilding built?

About 80% of the current Canadian Forces combatant surface vessels have been built by Irving Shipbuilding Inc.

How long has Halifax Shipyard been active?

Halifax has always been in the business of building ships. In fact, Samuel Cunard had a successful shipping business in Halifax in the 1840s. But the modern history of the shipyard started in 1918, after the Halifax Explosion. You can read more on the History page.

Why is the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy important to Nova Scotia?

It will mean about $30 billion dollars in the local economy over the next 30 years. And that means a lot of work, a lot of jobs, and a lot of businesses doing more great work in our city, province, and across the country.

Why was Halifax be chosen as one of the winning shipyards?

Halifax Shipyard is active, already building ships. The infrastructure, workers, and knowledge are already here. Plus, when Halifax works on large projects, the whole region benefits, as businesses all over Canada will be collaborating on the project. Halifax is already a centre of shipbuilding excellence, and securing this bid builds capacity here and sustainability for the industry. Building these vessels continues our shipbuilding legacy.

How many ships will be built in Halifax since the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy bid was won?

More than 20 combatant surface vessels.

How many new jobs will be created?

Approximately 4,000 direct jobs would be created and sustained in Nova Scotia as a result of this contract.