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Nova Scotia’s response to the
Government of Canada’s National
Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.

Ongoing Investment

To be a centre of excellence in shipbuilding or any other industry requires ongoing investment, a team of skilled, experienced people and an unwavering commitment to the potential of the industry over the long term.

Between 2006 and 2011, Irving Shipbuilding invested $90 million in the skills of its people, its infrastructure and the technology used in its yards.

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Investments in its people have paid the highest returns. Over the past several years, the percentage of Halifax Shipyard employees receiving trades skills upgrading, process improvement training, safety education and training programs, computer skills education and more has been consistently growing, with over 90% of the workforce receiving training in 2010.

The ongoing investment in the yard is an indicator of the owners’ commitment to the industry. As is the fact that owners kept faith with their shipyard workers by choosing to build ships at home during the lean years between Federal shipbuilding contracts, in order to retain the management, workforce and related skill level needed to build and maintain Canada’s Fleet in the future.