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Nova Scotia’s response to the
Government of Canada’s National
Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.

Next 30

Irving Shipbuilding has won the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy bid. The next 30 years will be very different for both the city, province and the region. From more jobs, to more research and innovation, to more money in the local economy, the possibilities really are quite endless.

The Next 30 section of highlights the potential that community, government, and business leaders were excited about in the months leading up to the bid announcement.

This isn’t empty speculation, or impossible hopes. These are things that are now likely will happen.

Read the stories linked to on the left. We hope that this will give you a sense of how important this is for the province, the region, Canada as a whole, and your own community.

Featured Next 30s

Dexter Icon Darrell Dexter, Premier of Nova Scotia:
“This has been described as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Nova Scotia. The fact is, some people never live to see an opportunity like this.”
Alward Icon David Alward, Premier of New Brunswick:
“As the only Canadian-owned and operated company in the running for these federal contracts, I believe the Nova Scotia bid is truly Canada’s bid.”
Alward Icon Robert Ghiz, Premier of Prince Edward Island:
“We have the proven capacity to create long-term business success, and contribute to important national goals like those of the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.”